Growths From The Inner Self


Cast bronze

     I cannot tell you when my obsession with fungi and mushrooms began, but I can tell you that it snuck its way into my mind somehow and began growing out of control. Fungi have a never-ending range of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Some appear to be intricately designed cage-like structures, some are gorgeous and flow like ball gown dresses, and some are so unusual that they look like they belong on an alien planet. Some fungi are the product of a beautiful cycle of life and death. Although fungi are live organisms,  many of them can be found thriving on a dead tree or animal.

     In this piece, I am capturing the energies from a variety of fungi species, as well as emotions from my inner self, to create three different free-standing bronze sculptures. These three sculptures have contrasting features including growth and decay, structure and disorder, organic and man-made. These species slowly sprung with life and started to grow into their own unique forms throughout the process. It was not my intention to create such emotionally driven sculptures, but when COVID-19 hit the world, these pieces began to mean something different to me; They became growths of dread and burden. These three species represent my inner self, and radiate my passion as well as self-doubt. One could say that they are the fungi of my life.